Status Report: June 16, 2014

Hey there, dear readers! Here’s a quick list of what I’m up to, slanted toward the Exalted audience:

  • The next Rock’s Fall playtest game—the one I said I was planning to play in yesterday—has been postponed, again. Bummer.
  • The second Zhaojun Chronicle playtest game has also been postponed yet again. We’re hoping we can make it happen next week, assuming that we can get everyone’s schedules to align.
  • I have the playtester feedback and session notes for the fourth Marst Chronicle playtest game. Expect to see an edited version later this week.
  • Later this week I’ll be booked up with an editing assignment, so my availability to post and respond to comments may be limited.

Due to the playtesting lull, my ability to post Exalted material will be somewhat limited in the immediate future. As much as I’d enjoy posting homebrew material, I prefer to focus my energies on material that can actually be published. Right now I’m practicing Solar Charm design to sharpen my mechanical chops, in hopes of getting good enough that the developers will allow me to design Charms for upcoming 3e supplements. (My work is getting better; Vance’s reply to my latest Socialize Charm was “THIS IS RAD.”) Obviously I can’t post any of those Charms, both because I might cannibalize them for elements of later publishable material and because the 3e mechanics are under NDA.

That means what you’re most likely to see are either posts on random Exalted-related subjects that catch my attention (or ire!) on various Internet fora, or posts about other games. I could always review some casual iPad/iPhone games, or maybe post some homebrew Magic: The Gathering cards. Please comment to let me know what you might like to see!