Excerpt: The Broken-Winged Crane


Demon-Maggot Stone (Manse 1)

When the bearer of this mottled ochre and purple stone is injured, his wounds spawn iridescent demon maggots that consume dead and damaged tissue, causing them to heal at twice the normal rate. The maggots shrivel and die when the wounds heal or if removed from the bearer.

Stone of the Malfean Elemental (Manse 2)

This violet-streaked green gem reduces the mote cost for summoning a metody (Roll of Glorious Divinity II, p. 83) by 10 motes. No combination of effects including this stone can reduce the cost below one mote. Similar stones for other First Circle races or specific higher circle demons are aspected to their progenitor Yozis.

Stone of the Chrysalis (Manse 3)

A tiny creature lies frozen within this trans- lucent green stone, its appearance differing every time it’s viewed. The stone’s bearer may spend three motes as she sleeps to engulf herself in a chrysalis of green silk. The next morning, she emerges from the chrysalis evolved into a new shape, transfigured by the power of the stone.

As a temporary Desecration effect, the bearer obtains up to (Essence x 4) points of positive muta- tions of her choice, plus half that value (rounding up) of negative mutations chosen by the Storyteller.

If not a creature of darkness, she gains that deformity at no cost. These mutations disappear when she reactivates the stone or loses attunement to it.

Scarlet Polestar Gem (Manse 4)

This spherical black stone, which holds a smol- dering red ember at its heart, acts as a lodestone toward those things the bearer despises. If the bearer visualizes a person, place or thing with which he has had personal contact and towards which he holds a negative Motivation or Intimacy, the ember points in that thing’s direction. This fails if the target’s identity is magically obscured or she is in another realm of existence.

Published November 2010 by White Wolf Publishing

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