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Magic: The Gathering Conspiracy Full Spoiler Released

Wizards of the Coast has posted a full spoiler of Conspiracy, a new multiplayer set designed specifically for drafting purposes. Conspiracy is set in Paliano, the High City, an intrigue-wracked metropolis on the newly revealed plane of Fiora. (For those who follow the current Magic: The Gathering comic books, this is the home plane of planeswalker and series protagonist Dack Fayden.)

MTG multiplayer draft set

Here’s a summary of the set’s new mechanics, which are covered in more detail in a May 19 post on the Wizards website:

conspiracy hidden agenda spend mana as any color

  • The set contains one new card type. Cards of this type—conspiracies—don’t go into your deck. Instead, you put all of them right into play at the start of the game. They aren’t usually all that strong, but any kind of free resource is valuable, so they should be worth drafting.
  • Some conspiracies have the hidden agenda subtype. You play a hidden agenda face down and write down the name of a card. At any time, you can turn the hidden agenda face up, at which point it takes effect.
  • Dethrone is a new keyword. A creature with dethrone gets a +1/+1 counter whenever it attacks the player with the highest life total or a player tied for the highest life total. This is clearly aimed at making multiplayer more fun by encouraging players to focus their efforts at whoever’s ahead instead of knocking a trailing player out of the game.
  • Will of the council is an ability phrase that calls for all players to vote on an effect. This is aimed at generating interesting political situations in multiplayer, but because the controller always breaks ties, it should often be strong in two-player games as well.
  • The last new ability word, parley, has each player reveal the top card in his or her library and draw it, and generates an effect based on what cards were revealed. Parley’s multiplayer utility is less obvious, but letting everyone see cards as they’re drawn should give sharp-eyed players an advantage.

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Magic: The Gathering – Khans of Tarkir Announced

Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater announced this fall’s expert-level expansion, Khans of Tarkir, in a video filmed at the end of the Journey Into Nyx Pro Tour. According to the video, the new block is a “war-torn world ruled by warlords,” and the illustrations suggest that it takes its inspiration from Mongol horse-nomads. It’s also the home of planeswalker Sarkhan Vol, whose card previously appeared in the Shards of Alara and Rise of the Eldrazi sets.

Magic: the Gathering giant undead dragon breathing fire


Sarkhan left his home plane in search of dragons, for while the creatures fascinated him, all of Tarkir’s dragons are long dead. But as Wizards of the Coast tries to include dragon cards in every set, we can expect a dramatic draconic deluge later in the block.

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Magic: The Gathering – Journey into Nyx Full Spoiler Released

On April 18, Wizards of the Coast released a full spoiler of the new Magic: the Gathering expansion, Journey Into Nyx.

MtG expansion Theros block card spoilers

There have been grumblings in the player base about how Theros block has failed to fulfill its promise of being an “enchantment matters” block. Journey into Nyx fulfills that promise. The set is rife with actual enchantments—not just enchantment creatures or Auras—and many of its cards specifically care about all enchantments.

Now let’s look at the set’s mechanics and cards!


Almost every mechanic from earlier in Theros block appears in Journey Into Nyx. The only one missing is Tribute, from Born of the Gods. As that was my least favorite mechanic in the block—letting your opponent choose the effect is a downer—I’m not disappointed to see it go.

The Bestow mechanic stretches its design space a bit with a cycle that comes with drawbacks, giving you the option of enchanting an opposing creature to give it that drawback. The affected creature will still gain power and toughness, though, so see these Bestow cards are most likely to be used this way as a panic button in Limited.


Constellation: Creatures with Constellation—representing the starry appearance of spirits from the divine realm of Nyx—are at the core of the set’s “enchantment matters” theme. This ability word provides a benefit whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control. It’s a cinch that some of these cards will see casual play in Bestow and Enchantress decks.

Strive: A stripped-down Multikicker/Overload variant, Strive allows you to extend a single-target spell to one or more additional targets for an increased mana cost. This is likely to be a Limited-only mechanic, but I expect it’ll come in handy in Limited as a Heroic enabler.

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World of Darkness MMO Development Shut Down

Bad news for fans of Vampire: The Masquerade and the rest of White Wolf Publishing’s stable of tabletop horror RPGs! On April 14, CCP Games, the studio responsible for sci-fi MMO EVE Online, officially cancelled the upcoming World of Darkness MMORPG.

massively multiplayer online game about being a vampire

Iceland-based CCP merged with the Atlanta, GA-based White Wolf in 2006 to develop an MMO based on the “World of Darkness,” a modern horror setting haunted by supernatural beings—vampires, werewolves, magicians, ghosts, and the like—and perhaps best known in popular culture for the short-lived Aaron Spelling vamp-o-drama Kindred: the Embraced.

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Review: Cards Against Humanity Game

If you’ve ever played the party game Apples to Apples, you’ll find Cards Against Humanity familiar. The rules are basically the same. Each player takes a turn as a judge; he or she draws and reads a black “question” card for which each other player selects a white “answer” card from his or her hand. The judge then assigns a point to whichever player gave the funniest or most apropos answer.

Party game raunchy gross mean-spirited

The two games are dramatically different in actual play, however. Whereas Apples to Apples has family-friendly content, Cards Against Humanity is chock full of crude, raunchy, and politically incorrect material—not surprising for a game designed by a team of high schoolers who gave it the subtitle “A party game for horrible people.” Here are a few examples of cards in the “Answer” deck:

  • Dead babies
  • Dwarf tossing
  • German dungeon porn
  • Glenn Beck catching his scrotum on a curtain hook
  • Jew-fros
  • Jerking off into a pool of children’s tears
  • Mr. Clean, right behind you
  • Not giving a shit about the Third World
  • Pac-Man uncontrollably guzzling cum
  • Praying the gay away
  • Racially-biased SAT questions
  • Smallpox blankets
  • White privilege

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From the Vault: Annihilation Announced for Magic: the Gathering

From the Vault is an annual series of limited print run card sets, released in late August of each year, that reprint powerful cards from across the 20-year run of Magic: The Gathering trading card expansions. Wizards of the Coast has put out a press release describing this year’s From the Vault set. It’s called Annihilation, and the theme matches the name:

Harness the savage power of fifteen of the most brutal Magic cards ever unleashed. These limited-edition, black-bordered superweapons are legal in many tournament formats. Sweep the battlefield clean with this powerful arsenal and blast the opposition into oblivion.

Magic: the Gathering -- From the Vault: Annihilation

Many of these cards are very expensive on the secondary market. While each From the Vault set has had a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $39.95, the combination of extremely small print runs and high demand—generated by the reprinting of glossy foil versions of hard-to-find cards with new art—means that these sets sell out really quickly, even when retailers jack up the price. If you want a copy, your best bet is to arrange a preorder with a reliable retailer.

Annihilation preview artAs to which cards will be in the set, that info has yet to be spoiled. All we have is the brief description above and a dramatic illustration of some sort of magical cyclone. Naturally, the Magic community is theorizing madly as to what cards you’ll find in the set. Discussion tends to center around the idea that every card in the set will be a board-sweeper. Others theorize that specific word choices in the set description hint at card names, such as inferring that the phrase “blast the opposition into oblivion” refers to the powerful spells Opposition and Oblivion Stone.

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Void Star Studios Announces Tact-Tiles Kickstarter

ImageOf the various sorts of battlemats employed in recent editions of Dungeons & Dragons and similar miniatures-based games, Tact-Tiles may have been the most popular and well respected. Indeed, my 3e D&D game’s dungeon master swore by them! Manufactured by BC Products, these modular, hard plastic, dry-erase tiles are loved by players and referees alike. They’re resilient, portable, easy to reconfigure during play, and clean off nicely after the game. However, their high quality came with a high price tag—more than $40 for a set—and the price has risen considerably on the secondhand market ever since the product was discontinued in 2007.

Now, role-playing game publisher Void Star Studios—developers of Strands of Fate, Strands of Power, and Nova Praxis—have announced their purchase of the rights to Tact-Tiles and their intention to launch a Kickstarter to fund a new production run.

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Magic: The Gathering – Born of the Gods Full Spoiler Released

As a longtime fan of Magic: The Gathering—I’ve been playing on and off since 1994—I’m excited to post about the game here on Fanboys Anonymous. I’m largely a kitchen-table player who occasionally plays Draft or Sealed, so my posts will be aimed more toward the casual audience than die-hard Constructed players. That said, let’s dig right into the new set!


Wizards of the Coast has published a full spoiler and release notes for Born of the Gods, the second set in the Theros block. It retains the previous set’s flavor focus on Greek mythology and mechanical focus on enchantments. In addition to three returning mechanics from Theros, it has two new mechanics: Inspired and Tribute.

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Might Arrow and The Flash Spin Off a Live-Action Teen Titans TV Series?

The Teen Titans lineup best known to the public is that of the Murakami cartoon: Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Robin, and Starfire. Those characters first appeared in The New Teen Titans, the team’s 1980 Wolfman/Pérez relaunch. The original team’s roster included Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy. Is it coincidence that the upcoming slate of live-action DC programs includes all of those sidekicks’ mentors? (Except for Robin, but as the only DC sidekick with name recognition outside the comics world, he needs little introduction for the casual viewer.) Is DC planning to produce a Titans series as a nexus for their TV universe, much like Marvel’s movie Avengers franchise?

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