Ink Monkey Bones #27: Fragments of the Sebridian Incunabulum


containing the names and attributes of three and thirty Lords of the Cities of Hell

Penned by Sebrid Twice Shy, Magus-Aedile of Aryvyras, in the two hundred and fifty-second Year of the League of Many Rivers



May the curse of Lucien fall upon whosoever abuseth the Knowledge recorded in this Work, and likewise upon any who should share that Knowledge with the Unworthy or the Unwise.


The Ever-Open Door
Messenger Soul of She Who Unbinds

Alalgar bears the Shape of an enormous Man swathed in draperies of deepest Purple, such that his Body is entirely concealed. Beneath those draperies lies neither Flesh nor Blood, only a cold and windy Darkness. An he form a Pact with the thaumaturge, she may use that yawning Emptiness as a Bridge to distant realms, through which friends may travel to their Destinations, or enemies may be sent to seek their Doom. He may enter Creation when a mortal traverses the breadth of the world from Pole to Pole.



The Emerald Sun, Most Illustrious Master of the Forge of Brass, High Prince of the Hundred Hells
First and Fetich Soul of the City Hundredfold

Ligier is the first and foremost Lord of the Cities of Hell. He comes in the form of a Prince of most noble Bearing, clad in Green and Gold, with Hair the color of fallen leaves, or of a banked Fire. It is his Attribute that he may craft any Thing which the thaumaturge may desire, but at a Price. He does not Haggle, nor may his will be swayed by the Work or Will of mortal men. He may enter Creation at the moment of the setting Sun—but only as a maiden seizes her Throne against the will of her Court, or as an Artisan completes a masterwork of Brass.



The Incandescent Pilgrim, Emperor of the Ever-Rising Road, Sakadagami of the Burning Palms
First and Fetich Soul of the Spear That Pierced Heaven and Earth

Gergesenes is an Enigma among the Lords of Hell. He speaks humbly and walks barefoot, like a Mendicant, but he wears the Crown of an Emperor. His shape is that of a Titan of white-hot Iron. He has seven Hands, four of which hold Relics of the God-Emperors of Hell, these being a Scythe, a Flask, an Orb and a Veil, and it is Written that when all seven of his Hands are filled, he shall achieve an Apotheosis beyond the ken of his Peers. Gergesenes is wise in the ways of Prayer, such that he may send the words of the thaumaturge to any God or Demon in Heaven or Hell. Wheresoever he prays, a temple to the God-Emperors of Hell rises from the earth, and any temple to the Gods of Heaven that he enters is likewise Transformed, such that Demons will find their way between the Worlds to kneel at that Altar. A trail leads him into Creation whensoever a sacrifice is made to the Yozis upon the Slopes of the Pillar of Pasiap.



The Hungry Depths, Lord Maelstrom
Fourth Soul of the Beast Inexorable

Oscytell, a mighty Prince, comes in the form of a great Whirlpool upon the Waters of the Sea, or a similar Phenomenon upon the Earth, or even in the Sky. He Feasts on all things that come to him, without Favor or Mercy, consuming Men and Beasts, Ships and Houses, and even Islands and Mountains and Clouds. He may also appear as a bodiless Mouth bearded in Fire and Blades, with a Voice like Thunder that cannot be Disobeyed. To summon Oscytell, the thaumaturge must hold forth an Anchor-chain in her right hand, and said hand will be Devoured should the chain be Loosed or the demon be thwarted in its Aims.



The Song of the Spheres, Most Glorious Maiden of Empyreal Harmony, Lady of the Adamant Chain
First and Fetich Soul of She Who Dwells Within Her Own Name

Sanceline appeareth not at first in mortal form, but rather as Music like unto that of many Glasses struck together, whose Notes the hearer perceives as Colors. But if the thaumaturge doth have one hundred Castrati sing in harmony with the Music, then Sanceline shall appear as a Maiden made of Light, and offer her Services. She teacheth the arts of Music, Mathematics, Geometry, Philosophy and Astrology. She may compel a people to labor as one toward a common Goal, without rest or surcease, so for long as they attend to her Song. The thaumaturge may call upon Sanceline to draw her into that transcendent Music that underlyeth all Things, but this engenders such Joy that few are strong enough to return to the Flesh. She may come of her own will into Creation when a mortal Monk is enlightened by the chiming of a Bell.



The Balefire Diadem, Queen of Flame, Untouched Bride of a Thousand Years
Defining Soul of the Chariot Aflame

A great Queen, Tanith appeareth in the form of a naked Woman, her Body carved of blue Stone; her Skull burns like an oil-lamp with an unholy Flame. Blades do not touch her, and Fire bendeth to her Will. She teacheth Governance, Diplomacy and Etiquette. The thaumaturge must be unfailing in his Decorum, for if, in her presence, he should act in a manner unbefitting his Station, she will mark him as a Slave. If she proposeth Marriage, the thaumaturge must refuse her Offer, lest she be brought back with that Queen to her Palace in Hell.



The Scarlet Moon, Empress of the Blood-Drenched Tide, Lady of a Thousand Faces
Third and Fetich Soul of the Demon Sea

Ululaya cometh in the form of a Lady of mutable Countenance, clad in scarlet Robes that glow like the Sunset. Hers is the power of the Tide, which maketh the great things Small and the small things Great. She giveth strength to the Weak, wealth to the Impoverished, beauty to the Hideous, sanity to the Mad, and morals to the Depraved. In like Manner she taketh away these things from those possessed of a Surfeit, leaving them hollow in their Absence. She also commands the tides of the Sea, that grindeth away Stones and sweepeth Ships into the Deep.



Lady Quicksilver, She Who Unbinds, Opener of the Way
First and Fetich Soul of the Blood-Red Gale

Voline abideth neither Obstacle nor Restraint. She appeareth as a mass of Quicksilver, of no fixed Size or Shape, such that she may one moment be a perfect Droplet, and at the next moment sprawl as large and shapeless as the Sea. Where she passeth, no Portal may remain closed, such that Locks release, Chains come undone, and Cages writhe to set free their Captives. Her touch breaks all Bonds, including those of Oaths and Blood, of Love and Hate. The only Prison she cannot open is the Door of Hell, and the only Oaths she cannot break are those which bind her Masters and her Self.



Hundred-Handed Monarch, Prince of the Bottomless Well, Most Venerable Treasurer of Hell
First and Fetich Soul of the Blossom of All Hungers

Zahhak is a mighty Satrap who appeareth as a woman or man of great Height and Girth, clad in royal Robes of silk and jade and orichalc, with three burning Eyes, who nonetheless possesseth a terrible Beauty. Ninety-nine of his hundred hands wield devices of great Power; with the hundredth hand he will take a thing of inestimable Value, and should he not find such a thing, he will seize his Summoner and take her back to Hell. He leadeth armies in wars of Conquest and in the scorching of the Earth; he redirecteth the course of Rivers and Dragon-Lines, and stealeth the articles of Sovereignty. He teacheth the arts of Enchantment and the accumulation of Wealth. When he wills, he may also take the Form of a storm of Locusts that shine as Jewels. He may enter Creation when a Monarch devoureth the Flesh and drinketh the Blood of her Predecessor.



The Kite Flute, the Huntress of the Hungry Flame
Messenger Soul of the Prince Upon the Tower

Zsofika cometh as a Nomad of the Southern Waste, her hair braided with Bells. Her Attribute is mastery of the Hunt. She appeareth within a Fire, wherefrom she doth Stalk her chosen Prey, and should she lack for Prey, she chaseth and devoureth the Thaumaturge instead. She will then Hunt whatsoever Prey the thaumaturge doth set for her, her Attendants climbing from the Earth in her Wake, and a Piping as of idiot Flutes wafts from their Standards. Such Omens as pursue her in her Progress render Augurs mad and Astrologers blind. Though her Womb be barren, Zsofika desireth Children, and she may beget a Child upon any who will Compact with her. Unless the Compact stipulate that no harm shall come of it, the Foetus shall devour the gravid Parent from within.



  1. The material in the Incunabulum is something I knocked out in a dull afternoon a few years back while noodling around. The Ink Monkeys blog folded right after that, before I ever had a chance to even finish the initial rough draft. Unpolished material can be instructive, even if it lacks the beneficial attributes of polished work.

    There’s one new demon in there that I liked enough to create a full write-up for, and two or three that might be salvageable in some form with time and effort. Whether any of those will ever appear in published material is questionable at best; insofar as I have influence over what new demons will appear in 3e products, I’d like to think that my writing style and my sense of the game’s needs have improved in the past few years, so I am more likely to start from scratch than rehash earlier ideas. The rest don’t have enough substance to be worth rebuilding.

    1. I wouldn’t sell yourself short. More information on the fetich souls of the Yozis (especially the six most closely associated with the Infernals) is always welcome! I’m counting the fetich souls of Qaf, She Who Lives in Her Name, Kimbery, Metagaos, and Adorjan, right?

  2. Eric,

    The above are really good starts, so please “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” — as the saying goes. The short synopsis that you provided above gives insights not only into these Lords (and Ladies), but into the Yozis themselves, as well as the Realm of Malfeas.

    That’s one thing I believe Exalted needs more of — “Creatures & Monsters”, a (and I hate to say this — “shudder”) “Monster Manual” of sorts, to assist with “fleshing out” the world, as well as providing Characters with Allies, Challenges, Familiars, etc..

    I know that there is a plethora of books on the schedule, but I would hope that among them would be included ones that cover the hordes of Demons inhabiting Malfeas, as well as the vast number of “Creatures & Monsters” throughout Creation. Of course, the Beasties that are Wyld Tainted or who are from the Underworld should not get shorted either.

    Anyway, I would like to say that the above short descriptions are appreciated. I have already used the material in my own game. 3:)


    ~ Fred

    1. Glad you liked this, Fred! There’s definitely all sorts of cool monsters and animals and things lined up for the Ex3 core, and doubtless you’ll be seeing more new stuff (rather than just 1e/2e rehashes) in future material.

      I’d love to hear what you used the Sebridian material for in your game!

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