Ink Monkey Bones #26: New Infernal Hearthstones, Part 6

This may be the last Ink Monkey Bones post, as my supply of unpublished material that’s fit to print here has run dry. (I’ll see if I can scrounge up more, but I wouldn’t count on it.) On the other hand, my biotech manuscript is finally out of my hands and in my editor’s care, so I once again have time to start properly posting again. Expect to see more activity here in the coming weeks!

<2>Hearthstones of Oramus

<3>Marcher-Prince Diadem (Manse 2)

<n>The bearer of this chiaroscuro agate moves more easily at the edges of things. He doubles his movement rate when traveling along boundaries between states: the banks of a river, the shores of a sea, the edge of a cliff, the border of a shadowland or the periphery of a landscape-formed Yozi or Third Circle Demon. If the boundary being traced is that of Oramus or one of his Third Circle landscapes, his movement rate triples instead.

<3>Wyld-Spreading Gem (Manse 3)

<n> This stone is of no fixed color or form, these things shifting from moment to moment. Its presence breaks down the barriers between order and chaos, amplifying the chaos of the Wyld. Within 10 yards of the stone, treat Creation (or any other realm!) as the Bordermarches; the Bordermarches as the Middlemarches; the Middlemarches as Deep Wyld; and Deep Wyld as Pure Chaos.

<3>Fortune’s Favor (Manse 4)

<n> The bearer of this amber cube doubles the bonus dice received from stunts whose benefits involve random chance: thunder punctuating a dramatic Performance check, favorable winds for Sail, stumbling over a stone as part of a Dodge, etc. These bonus dice become automatic successes within the landscapes of Oramus’ Third Circle souls.


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