Ink Monkey Bones #25: New Infernal Hearthstones, Part 5

<2>Hearthstones of Kimbery

<3>Stone of Scorn (Manse 2)

<n>If the bearer of this many-faceted orange stone uses a social attack to compel someone’s behavior and the target spends Willpower to refrain from that behavior, the bearer immediately makes a perfect follow-up social attack to build an Intimacy—either of self-loathing, of shame regarding the objective of the compelled behavior, or of fear toward the bearer.

<2>Hearthstones of Malfeas

<3>Bloody-Handed General’s Stone (Manse 2)

<n>This warm, ruddy bronze orb guides its bearer toward the aggressive pursuit of battle, giving even the most peaceable of souls the necessary skills to crush an opposing army. Its bearer adds (Conviction) to all War rolls. The bearer also adds two dice to Conviction checks to avoid committing atrocities against civilians during or in the wake of a battle.

<2>Hearthstones of Szoreny

<3>Gem of the Labyrinth’s Master (Manse 4)

<n>This stone, a mass of dark crystals shot through with a silver thread, gives its bearer an instinctive grasp of complex mazelike environments—large buildings, cave networks, city streets, tangled swamps, etc. In such environments, she gains (Temperance) bonus dice on rolls involving navigation, tracking, concealment and surprise. These bonus dice become automatic successes within landscapes formed by Szoreny and his Third Circle souls.


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