Ink Monkey Bones #24: New Infernal Hearthstones, Part 4

<2>Hearthstones of Hegra

<3>Gem of Infectious Melancholy (Manse 2)

<n>Demon-Bound (Lypothymie)

A strange sadness comes upon those who gaze into this stone’s shifting pastel depths. Its bearer may spend 1wp to make it blaze with haunting colors; it then acts as a vector for the emotional disease Lypothymie (Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas, p.XX) with a virulence of 5 for the rest of the scene. Its bearer is wholly immune to Lypothymie.

<3>Mother of Dreamstones (Manse 2)

<n>Whenever the bearer of this dazzling green opal awakens from sleep, she disgorges up to five small dreamstones (Oadenol’s Codex, p. 156), each containing one of that night’s dreams. These stones are strangely pallid, such that they cannot be mistaken for ordinary dreamstones, and each evaporates into rainbow mist after a single use.

<2>Hearthstones of Isidoros

<3>Hammer-Blow Gemstone (Manse 2)

<n>The bearer of this horn-like stone can strike with awesome force. In Step 10 of a hand-to-hand attack, she may spend 3m to increase by (Essence) the difficulty of the reflexive roll to avoid knockback (see Exalted, p. 153).

<3>Stone of the Great Beast (Manse 2)

<n>The bearer of this brindled gem may spend 1wp to take on a shadow of Isidoros’ form for one scene. He grows larger and heavier, sprouting horns, a thick black pelt and a tail as his feet broaden into hooves. He gains the Fur, Hooves, Large and Tail poxes, the Horns affliction and the Creature of Darkness deformity as a Desecration effect. While in this form, the bearer gains two Valor dots (maximum 5).


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