Ink Monkey Bones #23: New Infernal Hearthstones, Part 3

<2>Hearthstones of the Ebon Dragon

<3>Gem of Poisoned Words (Manse 1)

<n>The bearer of this irregular salmon-colored stone may pervert others’ Intimacies. This functions as eroding an Intimacy, but instead of breaking, the Intimacy’s tenor changes to a related negative emotion. An Intimacy of love becomes hate or obsession, for example, while an Intimacy of respect becomes jealousy or contempt.

<3>Stone of the Night-Blade’s Song (Manse 3)

<n>Demon-Bound (Erembour)

A white streak blazes across this black gem’s face. A melee weapon set with this stone sings like a bird as it moves, trailing streamers of shadow. This song calls out to the bearer’s foes, drawing them into her embrace. While in shadow or darkness, the bearer may spend 1wp to reflexively make an unnatural social attack with two components: a Compulsion effect that induces its target to move into and remain within the bearer’s engagement range, and an Emotion effect that gives the target an Intimacy toward the bearer. It costs targets an additional 1wp to resist the effect while the Ebon Dragon blots out the sky or while Erembour’s silver horn can be heard.

<3>Shadow-Veil Jewel (Manse 4)

<n>A whorl of darkness dances endlessly inside this clear crystal orb. The shadows favor its bearer, obscuring his flaws so that one can only see his beauty. So long as the bearer is in shadow, he adds three to his Appearance, to a maximum of 7. Alternatively, if the bearer wills it, the shadows drape him in a mantle of horror, reducing his Appearance to 0. These are Desecration effects.


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