Ink Monkey Bones #22: New Infernal Hearthstones, Part 2

I’m sorry for not posting this past week. Life has been busy, what with heathen weddings and interviewing people about biotechnology, and I’ve had precious little time to think about Exalted blogging. Odds are good that this will keep up until the end of the month, though I’ll try to post a few things that won’t require in-depth research.

In the meantime, here’s a few more Infernal hearthstones:

<2>Hearthstones of Adorjan

<3>Thread-Body Movement Stone (Manse 3)

<n>Demon-Bound (Gumela)

When the bearer of this elongated blue-green gem hurls herself at a narrow opening—a grating, a crevice, a keyhole—her body stretches to impossible thinness, allowing her to flow through the gap like thread through a needle’s eye. This Shaping effect requires the ability to move freely, and cannot be used to escape from restraints such as manacles or grapples.

<2>Hearthstones of Cecelyne

<3>Desert-Drained Husk Stone (Manse 1)

<n>This dull, cracked brown stone is always dry. Its bearer’s flesh assumes a withered, mummified cast whenever he enters a place of desolation (Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals, p. 120). His Appearance drops by two (to a minimum of 1), but he neither needs nor craves food and drink. This is a Desecration effect.

<3>Impassable Guardian Stone (Manse 4)

<n>The bearer of this cylindrical ivory stone, speckled with dark iron, can halt even the most elusive foe. The bearer adds her Charisma to her Blockade Movement pool, and may use Blockade Movement against immaterial beings. These Charisma dice become automatic successes within the confines of Cecelyne or the landscapes of her Third Circle souls.



    1. I’m working on a short guidebook for high school students about how to find a career in biotechnology. The project has turned out to involve more research than I’d anticipated, and I’ve had to set aside my Exalted work entirely for the latter phases of the assignment.

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