Ink Monkey Bones #21: Hearthstones of Vitriol

In my latest search through my old Exalted files, I dredged up a draft of Infernal hearthstones written for inclusion in The Broken-Winged Crane. The draft included a number of stones that didn’t appear in the final book. I’ll post the previously-unpublished stones here over the next few weeks.

<2>Hearthstones of Vitriol

<3>Flesh-Rotting Stone (Manse 1)

<n>This waxy ocher gemstone has an unwholesome sheen. When set into a weapon, each attack that inflicts at least one health level of damage acts as a vector for leprosy (see Exalted, p. 351), requiring a (Stamina + Resistance) check at difficulty 1 to avoid infection.

A similar stone inflicts consumption (Exalted, p. 351). Various Yozi-aspected hearthstones serve as vectors for other diseases; more dangerous diseases have higher hearthstone ratings.

<3>Gem of Odium (Manse 1)

<n>Bright red-orange cracks spangle this dark green gem. It takes one scene less than usual for its bearer to acquire an Intimacy of hate (see Exalted, p. 173), with a minimum of one scene. Eroding one of the bearer’s Intimacies of hate takes one scene more than usual.

<3>Vitriol-Attunement Gem (Manse 2)

<n>This transparent silvery stone surrounds a core of dark, cloudy fluid. Its bearer gains an affinity for the element of vitriol. She is unharmed by contact with vitriol and adds half her Essence rating to Craft (Vitriol) rolls. Moreover, as with all vitriol, she becomes infused with the malice of the Yozis, reducing her Compassion by 1 (minimum 1). A Dragon-Blooded bearer’s anima exhibits dark vitriolic streaks; this is a cosmetic effect, but disturbing nonetheless.


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