Ink Monkey Bones #18: Elemental Essence Eruption

<3>Elemental Essence Eruption

<n>Cost: 8m, 1wp (+2m); Mins: War 4, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Speed 8, DV -2)
Keywords: Elemental, Obvious
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Dragon-Seared Battlefield

The Dragon-Blood unleashes the power of an attuned Terrestrial hearthstone that shares her aspect, channeling the Essence of its parent manse into a destructive blaze of elemental force. Her anima blossoms into a full-fledged Essence vent (Oadenol’s Codex, p. 67) with a radius of (Essence) yards. Anyone caught in the elemental flare suffers (manse rating x 5)L environmental damage per action (Trauma 5). This counts as anima flux damage for all intents and purposes. The effect ends if the Dragon-Blood is parted from or loses attunement to the hearthstone. She may also reflexively cancel the Charm at any time.

This Charm temporarily exhausts the power of the hearthstone’s parent manse. The stone becomes inert for one full day, during which time it doesn’t provide motes or special abilities and doesn’t count as a functioning hearthstone for purposes of magical effects.

Alternatively, while standing within the bounds of a Terrestrial-aspected demesne of any aspect, the Dragon-Blood can focus the demesne’s unstable Essence to create an Essence vent. This works in much the same way as the Charm’s primary function, but the damage is based on the demesne’s rating and the vent appears anywhere in the demesne that the Dragon-Blood can see. She may change the focal point of the Charm as a miscellaneous action with a cost of one mote, causing the Essence vent to fade from its current location and reappear at any other place within the demesne.

The Dragon-Blood using this Charm is immune to its effects, as are other Dragon-Blooded that share the Essence vent’s elemental aspect and allies under the effects of any immune Dragon-Blooded’s Enfolded in the Dragon’s Wings.

Elemental Essence Eruption may be used on a demesne that doesn’t share the Dragon-Blood’s elemental aspect. This imposes a two-mote surcharge, increasing the cost to ten motes.


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