Onyx Path Publishing 2014-2015 Scheduling Brochure released

Onyx Path Publishing Exalted logoOnyx Path Publishing has posted a free full-color PDF brochure that summarizes the upcoming books for late 2014 and early 2015. Fans should feel a frisson of familiarity, as it shares the glossy, full-bleed look of old-school White Wolf brochures.

For Exalted fans, the section on Exalted’s upcoming third edition releases can be found on pages 20-21. The overall OPP release schedule is all the way in the back. Here’s a list of the Exalted book schedule estimates, peeled away from the World of Darkness material:

Winter 2014-2015:
Exalted Third Edition
Ex3 Arms of the Chosen

Spring 2015:
Ex3 The Realm

Summer 2015:
Ex3 Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought
Ex3 Towers of the Mighty

Three other books are described in the Exalted section of the brochure but not listed in the schedule. These are The Exigents, Different Skies, and War in Heaven. Download the brochure and have a look!



  1. Little typo in your first sentence there, “…for late 2014 and early 2014.”

    At least I’m hoping it’s a typo.

    1. Sorry about that! I missed it while going through the release list, which is kind of inexcusable considering that I’m working on my portion of the Arms of the Chosen manuscript right now. I’ve edited it into the post.

  2. Delicious. Of course, it’d be significantly *more* delicious if not for being served with a heaping pile of salt. ;p

    (I know; I’m a week late. I really ought to consider bookmarking this blog of yours…)

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