Ink Monkey Bones #15: Moon-Born Madness Assimilation

Not much to say about this one, other than that it’s very second edition. I can’t wait for Exalted Third Edition to be released so that I can talk about all the cool stuff in it! Coy hints are really no fun at all by comparison.

I’m currently working on two unrelated writing projects for different publishing houses, so my blogging time and energy will be low for a while. I’ll try and stay active here, but expect output to be a little lower than usual.

<3>Moon-Born Madness Assimilation

<n>Cost: —; Mins: Perception 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent

Keywords: None

Duration: Permanent

Prerequisite Charms: Eagle-Fish Transition Prophecy

Luna is not of the Wyld, but she is kin to Chaos, and her Essence bears an affinity with the madness at the world’s edge. A character with this Charm treats all Lunar-aspected manses and demesnes as part of the Wyld for purposes of Charms with the Wyld keyword. If the intensity of the Wyld is relevant, treat one-dot and two-dot sites as the Bordermarches, three-dot and four-dot sites as the Middlemarches, and five-dot sites as Deep Wyld.


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