Recommend: Dyson’s Dodecahedron

beyond-cricket-streamIf you’re a tabletop RPG gamer of any stripe, one of the premier sites to look into is Dyson’s Dodecahedron. While the site is oriented toward OSR play—that stands for “Old-School Renaissance,” a movement based around rediscovering early Dungeons & Dragons playstyles—its primary focus is mapping. And the maps… well, you’ll want to see them for yourself.

D&D referees will rejoice in the site’s many pre-built dungeons and adventures. Players of other games can still get some use out of the maps; in addition to the dungeons—and let’s face it, no matter the game, sooner or later your players will go into a cave or basement or what have you—there’s a selection of regional, city, and town maps as well. There’s even a bunch of RPG articles on the site, and PDFs of a pay-as-you-like fanzine you can download.

the-dungeon-of-smiths-chartFor my ongoing Basic D&D campaign, I’ve trawled the web for dozens of short adventures whenever I needed to take a break from my megadungeon (or when my laptop was down, or I’d mislaid my maps…), and I’ve used more than one of Dyson’s prepackaged modules. I’ve also had to come up with maps on short notice for when the PCs unexpectedly pursued a stray plot thread, and the site’s legend-free maps have been a godsend.

These maps have come in handy in other games, too. Are your Exalted PCs plumbing a First Age tomb? Is your Vampire: The Dark Ages coterie laying siege to a nearby manor? Dyson (probably) has a map for the occasion, and it’ll look great printed out and spread out on your gaming table.

(And if you like the site, you can kick in $1 in thanks on Dyson’s Patreon page. Today’s crowdfunding tools really are marvelous!)



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