Status Report: August 12, 2014

On the Exalted front, it’s still Arms of the Chosen all the time. I’ve finished my first drafts of five Evocation-based weapons, ranging from a couple of rather esoteric daiklaves to a peculiarly lethal direlance. Two of the weapons will need significant rewrites once I’ve finished the rest of the first draft; the others are good to go for playtesting.

With that out of the way, I’m working on the book’s collection of miscellaneous, non-Evocation Artifacts. (Yes, these are still a thing.) Whereas the majority of the Evocation-based weapons are brand new, almost all of the miscellaneous items are classic 1e/2e devices. Some have appeared in both editions; others only in one. On Lea’s suggestion, I’ve just updated an item that hasn’t been reprinted or even referenced since 2001, which is cool.

It’s good to get a crack at writing equipment again. A big chunk of my early game design career was based around equipment design; the only two game books where I have lead author credit have been equipment books. Of course, Paranoia isn’t exactly a mechanically rigorous or balanced game! Exalted design is much more demanding. On the other hand, we have an active design and development team that provides ready feedback on mechanics, and access to playtesters with the interest and know-how to assess balance issues.

For those interested in the difference between design and development, this Magic: The Gathering article—while it obviously deals with a very different game built using different processes—provides a useful grounding in the distinction between the two.


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