Ink Monkey Bones #10: The Conquered Sun

Here’s a unique entity that I wrote for Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas. It got through my final rewriting pass before editorial cut it from the book for space; I’ve even heard that an illustration was commissioned and is floating around online.

I figure the poor guy is still crawling around the Demon City somewhere. Once you get past the idea that Exalted’s demons are damned souls, it’s easy to be seduced by how awesome and exotic and weird they are, to the point that you forget that by mortal standards, they can often be total dicks.

The Conquered Sun

Forged of tarnished Malfean gold, the Conquered Sun crawls through the streets of Malfeas like a dog. Were he to stand, he would rise to a height of 30 yards or more, but he cannot, for massive chains of black iron hobble him, anchored to fetters upon his ankles, wrists and throat. For a thousand years, he has crept across the Demon City, crusted with muck and filth, trailing an endless parade of laughing demons that befoul his body for sport. Ligier wrought this clockwork colossus in mockery of the Unconquered Sun, going so far as to endow him with a living soul that registers every aspect of his plight and his degradation. He serves Ligier in all things, and he has a standing order to destroy the Solar Exalted, which he will obey with horror and woe.

Motivation: Submit to the will of Ligier.

Attributes: Strength 20, Dexterity 4, Stamina 20; Charisma 6, Manipulation 1, Appearance 6; Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 1, Temperance 4, Valor 2

Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 1, Dodge 1, Integrity 5 (Obedience to Ligier +10), Linguistics (Native: Old Realm; Others: High Holy Speech) 1, Martial Arts 5, Performance 3, Presence 6, Resistance 6, War 5

Join Battle: 4


Punch: Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 20B, Parry DV 6, Rate 6

Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 9, Damage 23B, Parry DV 4, Rate 2

Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 9, Damage 20B, Parry DV —, Rate 1, Tags P

Soak: 25L/35B (Metal body, 15L/15B; Hardness: 15L/15B)

Health Levels: -0x5/-1×10/-2×15/-4×20/I

Dodge DV: 5 Willpower: 4

Essence: 4

Other Notes: While chained, the Conquered Sun suffers a -2 mobility penalty. It has automaton physiology (see The Books of Sorcery, Vol. I—Wonders of the Lost Age, pp. 96–97). Damage to its body does not heal normally and must be repaired by Ligier or some other craftsman.


One comment

  1. And then a Zenith-Caste Solar shows up, hits him with You Can Be More, breaks the chains, and Hilarity Ensues.

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