Status Report: June 28, 2014

Right now I’m busy prepping for a Werewolf game I’m joining, which means boning up on motorcycle terminology so I can properly play out my character’s interests. I’m also moving from prepping for yesterday’s Exalted session to prepping for next week’s session, which is less turnaround time than usual. So the parts of my brain normally dedicated to blogging are otherwise in use.

As to upcoming material for the blog:

  • I’ll be writing up and posting playtest reports from yesterday’s Zhaojun game and last weekend’s Rock’s Fall game;
  • Currently getting approval for two separate 2e/2.5e Infernals posts, one from me and the other a Robert Vance guest post;
  • Either more Magic: The Gathering, more of Creation’s beverages, or thoughts on language groups or imperial militaries.

Anyway, got to run—the mail won’t pick itself up from the post office box—but I’ll be reading the comments. Given the usual restrictions on content, in that I can’t post anything that might otherwise be turned into paying 3e work, please let me know what you’d like to see!



  1. Eric,
    I’d love to read more on Creation’s beverages (and food!) as well as your thoughts on language groups. These things make games cool for me:).

    Thanks for considering our requests!

      1. Writing up session summaries is going to take up a lot of my blogging time for the near future, but I’ll keep these in mind for later posts!

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