The Bull’s Circle: Intimacies

Today’s post will be brief, as I’ve spent most of the day at the office and boy, are my brains tired. It covers something that came up while discussing the references to the Bull of the North in yesterday’s post.

When I submitted the write-ups for the Bull of the North’s circlemates for The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. 5—The North, their Intimacies didn’t make it into print. I assume this was a matter of consistency, as published NPCs in other 2e material typically didn’t list Intimacies. Now I will abuse my meager powers of blogging to present these snippets of NPC personal information to you, the reader!

Samea: Her Intimacies include the icewalker tribes, the ice plains, her priestesses, the Mother’s Hearth, Autumn Frost, and Yurgen Kaneko.

Raneth: His Intimacies include cities, his students, First Age relics, craftsmanship, inventions, and discoveries.

Nalla Bloodaxe: His Intimacies include Whitewall, Karn, battles, adventures, the adulation of crowds, and all of the men and women that he has taken as lovers over the years.


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