Ink Monkey Bones #3: Manse of Air and Darkness

<3>Manse of Air and Darkness

<n>Cost: (Manse rating x 2)m; Mins: Occult 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)

Keywords: Elemental, Obvious

Duration: Indefinite

Prerequisite Charms: Fivefold Resonance Sense

By altering the flow of Essence at the heart of a Terrestrial-aspected demesne over the course of one hour, the Dragon-Blood conjures up a shadow manse (Oadenol’s Codex, pp. 59-60) for which she possesses the blueprints or other design notes. While this shadow manse is constructed out of congealed air and Essence rather than bamboo and paper, it functions as a normal shadow manse in all respects, including vulnerability to attack. The character is automatically attuned to the manse.

More importantly, over the course of the next day the shadow manse’s hearthroom manifests a shadow hearthstone. This is a translucent, ghostly replica of the hearthstone the manse is designed to generate. The shadow hearthstone provides a special ability just like any other hearthstone. However, unlike a real hearthstone, the shadow hearthstone does not increase its bearer’s Essence respiration rate. Moreover, the stone is incredibly fragile and can be shattered by any successful attack. Destroying the shadow manse (or ending the Charm) also destroys the shadow hearthstone and vice versa.

If someone starts to build a real manse upon the template of the shadow manse, the shadow manse continues to function until the real version of the manse is completed. At that point, the Charm ends—but the Dragon-Blood’s attunement to the shadow manse becomes an attunement to the real manse, and the shadow hearthstone solidifies into a real, tangible hearthstone.


<4>Clarification: Shadow Manse Attunement

<n>A shadow manse’s Essence pattern is not that of the demesne from which it draws its power. Attunement to the demesne does not provide attunement to the shadow manse, nor does attunement to the shadow manse provide attunement to the demesne.



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