Magic: The Gathering – Khans of Tarkir Announced

Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater announced this fall’s expert-level expansion, Khans of Tarkir, in a video filmed at the end of the Journey Into Nyx Pro Tour. According to the video, the new block is a “war-torn world ruled by warlords,” and the illustrations suggest that it takes its inspiration from Mongol horse-nomads. It’s also the home of planeswalker Sarkhan Vol, whose card previously appeared in the Shards of Alara and Rise of the Eldrazi sets.

Magic: the Gathering giant undead dragon breathing fire


Sarkhan left his home plane in search of dragons, for while the creatures fascinated him, all of Tarkir’s dragons are long dead. But as Wizards of the Coast tries to include dragon cards in every set, we can expect a dramatic draconic deluge later in the block.

Click here to read the full post at Fanboys Anonymous.


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