Ink Monkey Bones #2: Hearthstone Weaponry

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for more Ink Monkey Bones!

Like last week’s entry, these two Dragon-Blooded Charms interact directly with hearthstones. They’re from the same Ink Monkey post, which provided a wide range of hearthstone and manse Charms for various Exalt types. Hearthstones and manses still exist in 3e, but various rules changes have left these specific Charms ill-suited to 3e play. Hopefully you’ll get some use out of them in ongoing 2e/2.5e games!

For these and other Ink Monkey Charms, I’d once again like to thank Richard Hughes, Charles Spaulding, and Robert Vance for their assistance in Charm development and balancing.

<3>Immaculate Gemstone Blade

<n>Cost: 3m; Mins: Melee 4, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)

Keywords: Combo-Basic, Elemental, Obvious

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: Dragon-Graced Weapon

When this Charm is used on a melee weapon set with a resonant Terrestrial-aspected hearthstone, the substance of the stone spreads through its setting, transforming the weapon’s magical materials into glittering crystal of the same color, structure and luster as the stone. The weapon gains the magical material bonuses for the color of jade that corresponds with the hearthstone’s elemental aspect, as per the optional rules presented in Oadenol’s Codex, p. 21. For example, a Water-aspected stone would provide black jade’s +1 to damage and +2 to defense. These bonuses supplement any existing magical materials bonuses provided by the weapon.

An effect that destroys the infused hearthstone ends the Charm; shards of crystal explode from the melee weapon it was set in, leaving the weapon itself intact and unharmed. The crystal shards turn to dull gray stone as they fall.

If the weapon has multiple hearthstones of different elemental aspects, the Dragon-Blood chooses which of these stones to affect when activating Immaculate Gemstone Blade. She may reflexively spend 1m to switch the effects of the Charm to a different hearthstone, changing the weapon’s appearance and bonuses to match the new stone


<4>Clarification: Stacking Magical Materials Bonuses

<n>Effects like Immaculate Gemstone Blade, above, or Sun-Sword Concentration (Ink Monkeys, vol. 32: The Dawn Solution [Part 1]), can add a secondary set of magical materials bonuses to supplement an artifact’s standard magical materials bonuses. Multiple secondary sets of bonuses don’t stack with one another; only one secondary set may provide its benefits at any given time.
If a Charm or other effect explicitly grants multiple secondary sets of magical materials bonuses, that effect overrides this rule.



<4>On Immaculate Gemstone Blade

<n>“Post-2.5 I’d probably have IGB replace the weapon’s MM bonus rather than stack on it, but at this point who cares lol”—Holden (May 19, 2014)


<3>Lotus Jewel Fist

<n>Cost: 3m; Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender)

Keywords: Combo-Basic, Elemental, Obvious

Duration: One scene

Prerequisite Charms: Blade-Deflecting Palm

The Dragon-Blood touches a resonant Terrestrial-aspected hearthstone and absorbs it into her flesh as fabric soaks up water, so that her hand changes into solid, flexible crystal with the same hue and sheen as the hearthstone. The Charm enhances bare-handed attacks rather than a melee weapon. Otherwise, it functions exactly like Immaculate Gemstone Blade (see above).


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