Magic: The Gathering – Journey into Nyx Full Spoiler Released

On April 18, Wizards of the Coast released a full spoiler of the new Magic: the Gathering expansion, Journey Into Nyx.

MtG expansion Theros block card spoilers

There have been grumblings in the player base about how Theros block has failed to fulfill its promise of being an “enchantment matters” block. Journey into Nyx fulfills that promise. The set is rife with actual enchantments—not just enchantment creatures or Auras—and many of its cards specifically care about all enchantments.

Now let’s look at the set’s mechanics and cards!


Almost every mechanic from earlier in Theros block appears in Journey Into Nyx. The only one missing is Tribute, from Born of the Gods. As that was my least favorite mechanic in the block—letting your opponent choose the effect is a downer—I’m not disappointed to see it go.

The Bestow mechanic stretches its design space a bit with a cycle that comes with drawbacks, giving you the option of enchanting an opposing creature to give it that drawback. The affected creature will still gain power and toughness, though, so see these Bestow cards are most likely to be used this way as a panic button in Limited.


Constellation: Creatures with Constellation—representing the starry appearance of spirits from the divine realm of Nyx—are at the core of the set’s “enchantment matters” theme. This ability word provides a benefit whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield under your control. It’s a cinch that some of these cards will see casual play in Bestow and Enchantress decks.

Strive: A stripped-down Multikicker/Overload variant, Strive allows you to extend a single-target spell to one or more additional targets for an increased mana cost. This is likely to be a Limited-only mechanic, but I expect it’ll come in handy in Limited as a Heroic enabler.

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